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Star Trek Discovery release date

I know what you’re thinking another update on CBS’s Star Trek: Discovery, is it real? Will it air this century? Well do we have an update for you, it will air and relatively soon. September 24, 2017 is the big day. The one-hour premiere will air on CBS at 8:30 pm that night, and Deadline reports that the show’s first and second episodes will be available to stream on CBS’s digital subscription service, All Access, immediately following the network premiere. Then a new episode each week and you’ll have to subscribe to......

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  I am so happy that my first post for Hollywookiee is a Star Trek post. When the 50th came and went with very little fan fare I was saddened and when Bryan Fuller left Star Trek Discovery and its subsequent delays I was dis-heartened I would ever get a Star Trek TV show again. Today changed all of that, below is the first trailer for Star Trek Discovery and it looks like things have changed since Bryan Fuller’s departure. Originally it was said this was going to be the first Trek......

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December 11, 2011

Like Star Trek TNG?

If you have always wanted to live aboard the Enterprise D well I can’t help you, I guess you could paint your room to look like the holodeck and wear a Starfleet uniform and I suppose you could use your Iphone like a communicator…. wait I’m getting off topic. I can help you with the most important part of living aboard the Enterprise… the hum of the engines! No not just for a couple minutes or an hour for the whole freaking day! Thanks to youtube user CrysKnife007 you can now enjoy......

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September 08, 2011

Ever been to Quark’s bar?

If you ever went to the now gone Las Vegas Hilton’s Star Trek display you probably spent some time at Quark’s bar getting drunk on Saurian Brandy or a Warp core Breach like I did and once Quark’s closed I have been wandering the bars looking for a suitable replacement. Well thanks to uglycouchshow.com you can paint yourself green and make your own Star Trek inspired drinks all day long at home!!! I recommend that the Warp core breach is shared between at least two people or you might be flashing your......

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