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SOLO - the trailer is FINALLY here

well the SOLO trailer is here and I love everything about it EXCEPT Alden Emmerich. He just doesn’t have that Solo swagger…at all. It does have that newish Star Wars feel to it and it looks like Ron Howard relied heavily on Rogue One to darken the feel of the movie. Thankfully the trailer doesn’t have any of the comedy that was all over the first shooting of SOLO with Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. Keep your expectations in check and SOLO might just turn out to be the standalone Star Wars......

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Tribute to Carrie Fisher - STAR WARS CELEBRATION 2017

I am still not over this and don’t know when/if I ever will be. This one hurt, my first love, my first, heroine, my first princess. Carrie Fisher holds a huge place in my heart and I was so crushed when she passed that I couldn’t write about it…even now it’s hard for me to come up with any words befitting how amazing she was and always will be. Sure I should have taken a second to write on here everything she meant to me. I should have struggled through my tears......

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why Force Awakens worked perfectly

Its no doubt that Force Awakens reignited Star Wars for a ton of people. Its on its way to be the biggest movie ever but why did it work so well? The answer to that is its a New Hope for a new and old generation. Lets be honest when the lights dim and those words appeared on the screen the older generation was filled with awe…and fear. Fear that Force Awakens wouldn’t live up to the hype just like the prequels didn’t. But from that first scene all the way to......

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