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AGT - Puddles round 2 All By Myself

  Puddles was phenomenal again on America’s Got Talent Tuesday night where he performed All By Myself… which I have seen it done during his live shows but NEVER sang by Puddles himself. The smiles the judges give Puddles during the performance were beautiful and I’ve said it before and I will always say it DAMN I LOVE THIS CLOWN!!!    ...

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Weekly Puddles Brilliance - King of the Road Edition

Here we have it! Puddles is back with a Roger Miller cover, King of the Road.   Love a classic tune sung Puddles style. Go give Puddle some love and see him while he’s out on the road!   Come see him on tour Get souvenirs… Website – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram –

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Weekly Puddles Brilliance - David Bowie edition

So when I saw Puddles perform this past Sunday he did an incredible rendition of David Bowie’s Life on Mars…. the second it was over I was hoping this was going to be coming up on his youtube channel and I didn’t have to wait long. Now you will see why I said Puddles killed it on Sunday night! Such an incredible rendition… enjoy   as always give Puddles some love Come see him on tour Get souvenirs… Website – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram –

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Weekly Puddles Brilliance - Don Ho edition

Puddles version of Happy Me by Don Ho is this weeks Puddles weekly brilliance, want to know why I am happy? Because I got to see Puddles perform over the weekend and nothing makes me happier than a fantastic Puddles performance! If you like this and every other Puddles song then support him! (picture by me from this weekends performance) Please like, comment and subscribe!… Go see him on tour Get souvenirs… Website – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram –    ...

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Weekly Puddles Brilliance - The Cure edition

This week Puddles is doing his version of Boys Don’t Cry by The Cure in a Bob Dylan Coffee shop style complete with harmonica. This is a great interesting take on a Cure classic. Definitely emotional, definitely Puddles, definitely tear-worthy. I really love these stripped down songs. Thank you Puddles    ...

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Weekly Puddles Brilliance - Katy Perry Firework

  Another week and another Puddles cover! As Puddles himself says “I love what this song says. You ARE original. You are one of a kind and I think you are the best. I know that sounds corny. So, I’m corny. We’re in this together.” I can get behind that Puddles!!! I don’t think I’ve ever listened to the full original song before but damn I love this version.          ...

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Weekly Puddles Brilliance- Chris Cornell tribute

Another edition of Weekly Puddles brilliance brings us a tear-jerker. Grunge was my time, I just turned 20, music was crap on the radio and the grunge scene happened… one by one my grunge heroes have passed on and Chris Cornell’s death hit me hard. I get it mortality is real and it’s taking my rock gods. Thank you Puddles for this beautiful rendition…and thank you all for making these the most visited weekly posts.    ...

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As if he was reading our minds, Puddles has covered an Elvis tune. He completely amazed everyone with his Johnny Cash cover/mash-up and now he’s re-done Suspicious Minds and in a heart-breakingly beautiful way. My weekly post of how great Puddles is shows no sign of stopping. Do yourself a favor and watch your new favorite video now.    ...

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Moon River - Puddles Pity Party

I absolutely love Puddles renditions of classic songs. His angelic voice and stylistic takes on these songs make them instant favorites for me even more than the orginals more often than not, I have seen Puddles a number of times and again next week in Pasadena and  I can say with 1000% certainty that if you go see him you will laugh and cry and love every second of the show. Do yourself a favor and see him live! *dates on his website   This weeks insta-classic is his rendition of......

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