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AGT - Puddles round 2 All By Myself

  Puddles was phenomenal again on America’s Got Talent Tuesday night where he performed All By Myself… which I have seen it done during his live shows but NEVER sang by Puddles himself. The smiles the judges give Puddles during the performance were beautiful and I’ve said it before and I will always say it DAMN I LOVE THIS CLOWN!!!    ...

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Weekly Puddles Brilliance - Kermit Rainbow Connection edition

Puddles and special guest Toby Huss sing the beautiful Paul Williams and Kenneth Ascher song Rainbow Connection, sang most famously by Kermit The Frog and considering everything that’s happened to Kermit lately( Steve Whitmire being fired that is) it’s perfectly timed…. I will say two things. this is a great cover and I had forgotten how much I loved Toby Huss’s voice Β I STAND WITH STEVE WHITMIRE  ...

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Weekly Puddles Brilliance - WHO/Elton/Cash edition

Sure Puddles kills it at mash-ups! but how does he do at switcharoos you might ask? Well that’s an odd thing to ask but the answer is A-FREAKING-MAZING! Below is the switcharoo dreams are made of, you got The Who, you got Elton John AND you got Johnny Cash all thrown into a blender and the end result is Pinball Wizard/Folsom Prison Blues Schmoosh Up – Switcharoo   How could one lone clown do all of this???? Well we get 3, that’s right, 3 Puddles in one incredible video! as always go......

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Weekly Puddles Brilliance Tom Waits edition

If you gave me a million dollars and a million chances to guess the next Puddles cover, I wouldn’t win. I was really surprised by this choice, not because Puddles chose Tom Waits, he’s done that before but because he chose ANOTHER Tom Waits classic. I thought for sure Puddles was going to choose another ” hit everyone knows” and I have to say I am really glad he keeps surprising me. Thank you Puddles for choosing another favorite of mine and for making it your own. Please enjoy On the Nickel….......

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Weekly Puddles Brilliance - David Bowie edition

So when I saw Puddles perform this past Sunday he did an incredible rendition of David Bowie’s Life on Mars…. the second it was over I was hoping this was going to be coming up on his youtube channel and I didn’t have to wait long. Now you will see why I said Puddles killed it on Sunday night! Such an incredible rendition… enjoy   as always give Puddles some love Come see him on tour Get souvenirs… Website – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram –

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Weekly Puddles Brilliance - Don Ho edition

Puddles version of Happy Me by Don Ho is this weeks Puddles weekly brilliance, want to know why I am happy? Because I got to see Puddles perform over the weekend and nothing makes me happier than a fantastic Puddles performance! If you like this and every other Puddles song then support him! (picture by me from this weekends performance) Please like, comment and subscribe!… Go see him on tour Get souvenirs… Website – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram –    ...

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Weekly Puddles Brilliance - Katy Perry Firework

  Another week and another Puddles cover! As Puddles himself says “I love what this song says. You ARE original. You are one of a kind and I think you are the best. I know that sounds corny. So, I’m corny. We’re in this together.” I can get behind that Puddles!!! I don’t think I’ve ever listened to the full original song before but damn I love this version.          ...

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Weekly Puddles Brilliance- Chris Cornell tribute

Another edition of Weekly Puddles brilliance brings us a tear-jerker. Grunge was my time, I just turned 20, music was crap on the radio and the grunge scene happened… one by one my grunge heroes have passed on and Chris Cornell’s death hit me hard. I get it mortality is real and it’s taking my rock gods. Thank you Puddles for this beautiful rendition…and thank you all for making these the most visited weekly posts.    ...

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World meet Puddles - AGT

Every week we do a “Weekly Puddles Brilliance” post but this week we get a bonus Puddles Pity Party post. This week the world (the rest of them anyways) were introduced to one of my personal favorite people, Puddles Pity Party on America’s Got Talent. Surprising to no one Puddles CRUSHED IT!!! Tears flowed and the music soared, Puddles stepped onto the stage and blew away the judges. Trust me Howie, Mel B, Heidi and Simon you ain’t see nothin’ yet!!!...

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