August 07, 2012

here they come….

Mike Nesmith just announced on his Facebook that Micky, Peter and he will be doing 12 concerts in America soon!!! Sadly, this isn’t the reunion I wanted since Davy Jones passed away from a heart attack on February 29th. I wish they had put things aside when Davy was still alive and toured again since their last tour together was the Justus tour in 1996. But I’m glad they are getting together and putting these shows on for the fans. So stay tuned for ticket info!...

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I’m not talking about Jay Leno’s garage, I’m talking about cars that became a part of our culture because they were the true stars on TV shows and in movies! You can’t think of Back to the Future without thinking of the delorean and you certainly can’t think of Dukes of Hazzard without thinking of that loveably racist General Lee. So here’s the top 10ish coolest cars in Hollywood! 10. The General Lee– Yeeeeeee Haw! Name one other car that jumped as many collapsed bridges? It didn’t have special powers(other than being......

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