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It’s almost Christmas time, a magical time where it is acceptable for non nerds to buy nerds geeky toys!!! So what do we have to look forward to this year??? First for you Star Wars fans out there is this great Boba Fett Xmas statue only $49.99 at Entertainment Earth How about a little Star Trek Klingon Monopoly!!! Yeah I know, I have like 5 copies of Monopoly too but this one looks amazing!!! limited to just 1,701, here’s a bonus video of the making of it for you! Not a Trekker?......

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To celebrate Harrison Ford’s birthday I thought lets take a look at some rare stuff of one of his best performances ever, Mr Henry Jones Jr. himself INDIANA JONES! Even though Harrison isn’t in this first video its cool to see how Indiana almost looked if not for the networks stopping Tom Selleck from doing the iconic role. Now don’t get me wrong, I like Tom Selleck and everything but luckily Harrison Ford got the part, here’s the original trailer for Raiders of the Lost Ark. here’s the trailers for the next......

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