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August 15, 2011

GLEE 3D and me!

Yes I went to see Glee 3d this past weekend and to be honest I can see why it didn’t make a ton of money. The beauty of Glee on TV is the interaction of characters between the songs and the movie just concentrated on the concert. Don’t get me wrong I knew I was going into a concert movie from the get go but I wanted to see the characters backstage and behind the scenes way more than I ever want to hear about gleeks overcoming their own personal tragedies through......

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May 25, 2011

Glee Finale SPOILERS

Was last night’s New York Nationals finale what I had expected? No, but that goes for pretty much every episode of Glee, I never know what to expect and thats one of the many reasons that Glee has quickly become one of my must-see favorite TV shows. I liked the episode but sadly wasn’t surprised by just about anything in it and it seemed to me that the majority of the songs were picked out first then the show was written around them. Recently I was talking with someone who didn’t like......

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March 17, 2011


Tonight was the Paleyfest Glee panel at the Saban Theatre in Beverly hills and not to say I’m not a huge Supernatural fan or Community fan but THIS is the panel I had been looking forward to since the day they announced it! As my regular readers will know I am a self proclaimed Gleek and again as you know it is mostly because of my love for the wonderfully talented and incredibly gorgeous Heather Morris(but we’ll get to Heather later, don’t you worry.) The panel started with a screening of last......

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