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Guardians of the Galaxy-spoiler free review

Hated it!!! Where were the transforming robots and quick jumps and mindless explosions??? Or how about a premise so dumbed down that my nephews even think its stupid??? What the hell was with the witty dialogue and plot that is captivating and visually stimulating??? Oh sure it’s the best Marvel movie to date and yes EVERYONE was great and sure the characters were well developed, believable and real but there wasn’t even a second of dialogue so bad it made me groan in the entire movie. Not cool Marvel! I have come......

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Guardians of the Galaxy-17 minutes in heaven

I went to the preview of Guardians of the Galaxy tonight and I would have gladly stayed and watched the 17 minutes they showed us at least 2 more times! I loved every second of it and I’m not exaggerating when I say this 17 minutes was better than any full length summer blockbuster movie I’ve seen this year. the preview started with a brief introduction, a flash of who’s who, then it goes all out in an amazing, funny, bad ass 10-12 minute scene where you fall in love with Rocket......

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Guardians of The Galaxy recruits Burt Macklin

Guardians of the Galaxy seems weird to me for many reasons, for example there’s a talking crime fighting raccoon, but now I’m sold! Guardians of the Galaxy just hired Burt Macklin AKA Andy Dwyer AKA Chris Pratt to be Star-Lord. Now I don’t know who or what a Star-lord is but if Chris Pratt is playing him I can’t wait to see him! Chris Pratt is one of the funniest actors on one of the funniest under-rated shows on TV. If you don’t believe then just watch these clips: http://youtu.be/8MHXIhBjqKI http://youtu.be/dXREEVpjloo I......

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