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They Might Be Giants I Like Fun first impressions

First let me just tell you that They Might Be Giants has been my favorite band since the 80s so obviously this review will be skewed. I love them, they could release a full album of Kriss Kross covers and I bet money I would love it. They are incredible musicians and song-writers that album after album outdo themselves SO with that said here is my first impression of listening to their new album, I Like Fun, which comes out January 19th. My first impression is how different this is from previous......

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They Might Be Giants new album Nanobots is out!

They Might Be Giants (otherwise known as the best band ever) have released their 16th studio album today, Nanobots. TMBG have always surprised their fans with every album, we never know quite what to expect but we can all agree that every album outdoes the previous one and Nanonbots is no different. This is a huge album, 25 killer tracks with styles ranging from rockabilly beats to Halloween sounds to surf music. I HATE the term eclectic so I will just say this album has something for everyone. The first ep showed......

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Every couple of years an event happens that means more to me than any summer blockbuster movie premiere or any hyped book… They Might Be Giants releases a new album(vinyl, 8 track,album,cd,mp3 flak or whatever futuristic form of music playing thing you have.) Listening to a new TMBG cd for the first time is kind of a frustrating thing for me though, I am so excited to be hearing the amazing new songs that I want to constantly skip ahead to the next track so I can hear that one now then......

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