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OUTATIME : Saving the Delorean Time Machine

Sure you’ve seen the movie and maybe you’ve seen a replica or two but a dedicated group of guys set out to save the original time machine Delorean. If you grew up in the 80’s or have any taste in movie cars at all you know you’ve wanted a Delorean since you saw Back To the Future. It was futuristic before it was modified by Doc Brown and you can’t help but be a kid all over again when you see one on the street so how does THE car sit slowly......

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August 25, 2011


Doc Brown the loveable scientist from Back to the Future…you know what if you don’t know who Doc Brown is then why are you reading my site??? How did you even make it onto the internet? The point is Doc Brown is back and this time in Argentina?!? Here’s a commercial that has Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown coming back in time! AND a behind the scenes look at that same commercial and if that wasn’t enough Doc Brown for you there’s an easter egg in the 2010 direct to DVD movie......

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