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Shows come and go all the time but it’s time to be the first of your friends to watch these amazing shows. I have mixed in some shows that are even on Netflix that must have been cancelled. I don’t know why no one watched these because the acting and writing were incredible! 10. True Detective- Woody Harrelson and Matthew McCongouhy “star” in this Se7en knock-off about two cops trying to solve a grizzly murder, this show isn’t even doing well enough to keep them around IF it gets a second season.......

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BREAKING BAD-the beginning of the end interviews SPOILER FREE

The good news, Breaking Bad is coming back to TV’s in 5 days. The bad news? It’s the beginning of the end. The final 8 episodes then the best TV show ever will be over. How will it end? Will Heisenberg get caught? Will Hank catch him? Is this the prequel to Malcom in The Middle and Walter White goes into Witness protection with a whole new family? Probably not, but one thing is certain the following interviews HAVE NO SPOILERS! Hollywookiee has been sitting on these for a while now, they......

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I wanna party Breaking Bad style bitch!

Aaron Paul’s twitter announced that Breaking Bad will go out in style. “First off, we’ll air the pilot and then the cast will all come up and say thank you to everyone for watching. Then we’ll watch the final episode with everybody there and all the proceeds will go to cancer research and drug rehab centres. There will also be one hell of a party.” I want to be at this party!!! Do you hear me Aaron, invite Hollywookiee!!!!!!...

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It was announced this weekend that Breaking Bad was renewed for a fifth season (YAY!!!) but that it would also be the series final season(SERIOUSLY, EFF YOU AMC) Ok originally I was going to talk about what an incredible show that Breaking Bad is and it is. Hell, it’s the best show on TV and maybe the story arc was always supposed to end at five seasons but I can’t help thinking it has something to do with AMC and its little money problems but why listen to me when I can......

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