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Batman: Mask of the Phantasm coming to Blu-ray

Finally one of the best animated Batman movies is getting a 1080p Blu-ray remastered edition! It was announced on the Warner Archive Collection Facebook and Twitter accounts page, the release is a new 1080p remaster of the 1993 Bat-film and you will need it for your Bat collection. in case you need a reminder here’s the theatrical trailer.    ...

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A touching tribute to Adam West

As the world knows we lost Adam West on June 9th, I didn’t post about it on here because well I was devastated.  He was my Batman, every day growing up I would watch him same bat time same bat channel in re-runs. His portrayal was brilliant, sure it was campy, sure it was shtick but it was entertaining as hell. Last night Los Angeles City Hall did a touching tribute to Adam West. Burt Ward, Jule Newmar, Ralph Garman, Jim Lee,  Mayor Garcetti,  and Adam’s family were there. A bat signal......

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August 08, 2011


I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to post this or not but considering EVERYONE else posts anything Dark Knight Rises related, I figured I would as well. So, ummm here’s Bane talking during a Gotham Rogue’s football game(seriously) and sadly some guy sits on his chips....

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