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There's always advertising in the banana stand!

Netflix is bringing a Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana to a town near you! COME ON!!! The banana stand is making a tour of locations starting in (not so wee) Britain. I WILL be the first in line when it comes to town! One bananas with nuts please, Maeby. follow @arresteddev on Twitter for more info. That link just blue itself....

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Arrested Development only on Netflix for one more new season.

Arrested Development only getting one season on Netflix? COME ON!!! Cue the Charlie Brown music and start walking away slowly with your head down because at a conference today, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said that Arrested Development won’t return for another season after this one. Mitch Hurwitz had stated that this might be the first of many season on Netflix but with the star power of the cast and nearly all of them doing regular projects it was probably just Hurwitz hoping that the Bluth’s could return season after season. Hastings described......

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