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Arrested Development season 5 has begun!

IT’S OFFICIAL!!! Arrested Development season 5 has begun production at Sony Picture Studios! We have seen construction started on sets and production is ramping up so warm up your Corn-Baller, put your Franklin Comes Alive CD on and practice your illusions becase this time the gangie is all back together for more! The new season will be all about who killed Lucille two, if you recall last season ended with Buster getting arrested after Lucille Twos body was found at the bottom of the stair car stairs and this season will pick......

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Ron Howard will shoot Han Solo

Apparently its Ron’s turn to shoot Han Solo, after the shake up earlier this week where we learned that Phil Lord and Christopher Miller had creative differences with Lucasfilm, Ron Howard will step in and finish the stand alone Han Solo film. According to The Hollywood Reporter Ron Howard will take a look at the “rough edit to see what the project has and still needs.” and also “soothe a rattled set.” Rumors abound that Lord and Miller had a looser filming style than what Lucasfilm was used to or wanted. Letting......

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Maria Bamford-Ask Me About My New God

I will be honest, I didn’t know who Maria Bamford was before the newest season of Arrested Development, then she quickly became one of my favorite characters on that show. Debrie Bardeaux was hands down one of the best characters Mitch Hurwitz has created for AD and she was the perfect companion for Tobias. I went to her IMDB page and she has been on everything! If you laughed at a bizarre show she was either on it or voiced it and that’s what made me go out and get her CD/DVD......

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we are days away from the best show on TV returning!! Arrested Development and Netflix have brought their genius ad campaign to Los Angeles. First was the stair car which stopped at 3 separate locations and today the banana stand opened in Culver City. Judy Greer(Kitty) and Mae Whitman(Ann, her?) showed up to hand out free chocolate covered frozen bananas. Who will be at the banana stand tomorrow when it stops at the Grove? I don’t know but Hollywookiee will be there to live tweet or keep up with everything at @arresteddev......

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Arrested Development only on Netflix for one more new season.

Arrested Development only getting one season on Netflix? COME ON!!! Cue the Charlie Brown music and start walking away slowly with your head down because at a conference today, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said that Arrested Development won’t return for another season after this one. Mitch Hurwitz had stated that this might be the first of many season on Netflix but with the star power of the cast and nearly all of them doing regular projects it was probably just Hurwitz hoping that the Bluth’s could return season after season. Hastings described......

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on the next... Arrested Development

News keeps coming in about the upcoming season of Arrested Development on Netflix. We now know how each episode will focus on one member of the Bluth family. Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman) will travel around to the Bluths, who have gone in different directions in the seven years we saw them last. Michael will be the only character to appear in all the episodes as he travels around and visits his family to get them together for the family reunion which will be the motion picture!...

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