Every couple of years an event happens that means more to me than any summer blockbuster movie premiere or any hyped book… They Might Be Giants releases a new album(vinyl, 8 track,album,cd,mp3 flak or...

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The Coolest Cars in Hollwood

I’m not talking about Jay Leno’s garage, I’m talking about cars that became a part of our culture because they were the true stars on TV shows and in movies! You can’t think of...

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CEDAR RAPIDS-the best movie no one saw.

“…I thought ‘now here’s a kid who is gonna go places,’ and somehow… you just didn’t.” And thus begins the classic hero’s journey for callow insurance salesman Tim Lippe (Ed Helms of “The Hangover”...

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ANOTHER Muppets trailer!!!

Today just keeps getting better and better!!! ANOTHER Muppets trailer is out! just watch it and I’m sure you’ll come to the same conclusion as me, this trailer looks better than the movie its...

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The Basic Cable Band…Live.

I will fight anyone that says there’s a better late night band then the Basic Cable Band from Conan. The Roots are good and come in a close second but seriously the hardest working...

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Glee Finale SPOILERS

Was last night’s New York Nationals finale what I had expected? No, but that goes for pretty much every episode of Glee, I never know what to expect and thats one of the many...

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