Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con !!!

Need another reason to go to Vegas besides gambling and buffets? (Its all I do when I go to Vegas) Well how about the best reason of all to go there? A COMIC CON! The best places on Earth PERIOD. That’s right, June 23-35th The Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con will be at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Never been to a comic con before? Well you are in for a treat, you can dress up as your favorite whatever and wander the halls being stopped for pix every 5 minutes like......

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the bizarre tale of PETSCOP

It starts with PAUL saying ” this is just to prove to you that I’m not lying about the game I found” then the game begins after a little bit things get WEIRD. According to PAUL the game disc came with a note” I walked downstairs and when I got to the bottom instead of proceeding I turned right and became a shadow monster man” The same note also had a cheat code and when PAUL enters it we enter “The Newmaker Plane” A dark seemingly endless hall that leads to a......

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