Much like The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers, Superman:Man of Steel is being shot and spoiled right in front of our very eyes. Remember when studios would at least try and make sure things like this didn’t happen…yeah me either. Well here ya go it’s official no red manties for Supes. Thanks to a facebook page for the shots!!!...

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August 08, 2011


I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to post this or not but considering EVERYONE else posts anything Dark Knight Rises related, I figured I would as well. So, ummm here’s Bane talking during a Gotham Rogue’s football game(seriously) and sadly some guy sits on his chips....

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EXCLUSIVE!!! *no where else on this website will you see this picture! I put “Catwoman” in quotes because she doesn’t look much like Catwoman at all, I really hope there’s more to the mask area of the costume because it’s not hard for anyone other than Lois Lane to tell that it’s Selina Kyle with glasses on. Here’s one of the “Hey everyone look at Batman being filmed!!!” on the set shots too, does anyone else feel like they are going to see the entire movie before the first non teaser trailer......

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August 04, 2011


Here’s the official first look at the newest Superman, Henry Cavill. I love the look and I love the idea of a new reboot to make Supes darker and edgier for today’s audience, I just hope they don’t spend too much time on the backstory. WE ALL KNOW IT!!!! MY GRANDMA EVEN KNOWS IT!!! I’m going to call this an exclusive since NO ONE else is posting this pic. oh and click it to see full size,you know like you do for the porn you look at....

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I lied, theres not any Kuato in these videos from the set of the new Total Recall but there should be! I don’t care about new hover cars or Collin Farrell, all I care about is where is Kuato and how many boobs are going to be on the Mars hookers this time? Wait what’s that? Bryan Cranston is in it?!?! Where can I buy my ticket? Anything Bryan Cranston is in will be amazing, oh and in case you guys were wondering Bill Nighy is playing Kuato. But anyhow, the point......

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July 25, 2011


When I heard that there was going to be a season 6 of the only reason to watch CW, Supernatural, I was shocked. I had always heard that the show was to end at season 5, how could they set up the ending of five full seasons, only to change their minds and continue on? Its not like a sitcom where the finale is someone finally hooking up, this was the end battle between Heaven and Hell. BUT I trusted the writers, they had never steered me wrong on this show before......

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