The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian


The Mandalorian is exactly what Star Wars needs right now, it takes place in the time when everyone loved Star Wars. The stormtroopers are still the classic style, we see species, creatures,droids and locales that are right out of the classic trilogy. So what can people complain about?

The music isn’t the John Williams we know and love, its like a space spaghetti western theme instead. Don’t get me wrong it works its just…different.

The first episode sets up the tone and the pacing and its not a leisurely pace so some fans might feel rushed into this new saga. Don’t! This is the pace we need and the perfect character to do it!

Where are the women? Just wait…we know from the trailer we are getting a couple of women very soon.

Take off the helmet! HELL NO. There has already been some complaints we can’t relate to a character without seeing their facial expressions and eyes., get over that! This is Star Wars, you related and knew how to react to Vader, C3PO and many others don’t take away the mystery we need for the Mandalorian.

So based on what you can see above people are nitpicking to complain! Yes its different and new but its what we need for Star Wars to survive and frankly this feels exactly like what would be happening 7 years after Return of the Jedi! Who picks up the pieces and who stops the outlaws when the Empire is no longer around? This could easily have been running at the same time as Jedi in a different part of the galaxy, its got that gritty, lived in feel that Star Wars A New Hope had. So just sit back every week and enjoy that we have WEEKLY Star Wars that’s not a cartoon!!! Its still Star Wars with enough nods and easter eggs to keep every level of fan invested.