A little more how Galaxy’s Edge will work

A little more how Galaxy's Edge will work

The reservations have already begun, people have secured their 4 hour slot in Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland…now what?

Well the whole “move along, move along” part of Star Wars is about to become real. Stormtroopers will ask to see your identification(your wristband) and you will be asked to leave when your 4 hours are up! No waiting til 3 hours and 59 minutes before you get in line for
Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run once that 4 hours is up you have to leave but Disney says they have a plan and don’t want you just sitting in line for 4 hours. They say that 2 hours max is all it will take to take a flight on the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy and that will leave you with 2 hours to enjoy the shops, build yourself a droid or lightsaber and just enjoy being in a galaxy far far away…

As soon as your 4 hours are up though cast members won’t allow you to buy anything or get in line so your experience will be over for that trip(this 4 hour window only applies for dates between May 31 and June 23rd)

Beginning June 24, Galaxy’s Edge opens up to everyone in Disneyland. A “virtual queue system” different from the traditional Fastpass will be in effect using the Disneyland app (or at special kiosks in the park) Guests will see if Galaxy’s Edge is open for walk-ups(not likely), or if they need to join a Boarding Group. If they join a Boarding Group, guests can do whatever they like until they are notified by the app that its time to get to Galaxy’s edge(they will have 2 hours to get there)and once inside, there is no limit on how long they can stay.


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