I know what you’re probably thinking another Halloween movie didn’t they kill him yet??

Well No, stop thinking that and forget EVERYTHING that happened after the first, the classic, the best, the original HALLOWEEN.

This new Halloween forgets the amazingĀ  HALLOWEEN 2 and everything that came after it and tells the story of what happens to Jamie Lee Curtis 40 years after Michael Myers tried to kill her. in the original. The new one has a ton of homages to the first 3 movies in the best possible way and let me just say GO SEE THIS NEW MOVIE!

It had so much of what I loved about the first one, it has great characters so you actually care about the people in this movie. It has Toby Huss and you should see everything he is in. GO SEE THIS MOVIE.

Besides all of that it has JAMIE LEE CURTIS. She’s a total fucking bad ass and as always is simply the best.



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