Did I Mention Invention?

Did I Mention Invention?

Alie Ward, who is simply THE BEST(Ologies podcast fame, if you aren’t listening to it start NOW)  has a new show called Did I mention Invention  on the CW starting October 6th.

Watch it, just watch it. Watch it with your kids and show them that women are intelligent, strong, need to be heard and inventions can be thought up and  made by anyone. Here’s your chance to teach future generations that curiosity and intelligence can get them farther than the bullying that goes on all around us today.


Can I just pause right here to say again that Alie Ward is THE BEST. She’s brilliantly funny, she’s smart as a whip, and well shes absolutely gorgeous too…but its her take on teaching without teaching, entertaining without trying and talking about things that I never knew I cared so much about. OK with that out of the way here’s the synopsis:

Did I Mention Invention? is hosted by Alie Ward from her home base of The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Mich.(yay my home state of Michigan!) She brings viewers fascinating stories of invention while shining a light on everyday innovators. With each episode, Alie will present reports of human ingenuity and inspiration from around the United States and in some cases, around the world. Viewers will learn about innovators young and old, what it takes to bring their vision to life, and little-known facts about the history and process of invention and innovation. Did I Mention Invention? will ignite a spark within the hearts and minds of audiences, encouraging viewers to try their own hand at creating something new.


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