First Purge – not so much fun anymore

First Purge - not so much fun anymore

When the original Purge movie came out in 2013 we weren’t living with a government that is on the brink of starting a purge.

As I sat there watching the movie I had two thoughts.

  1. is this the first draft of this movie?
  2. this is too close to reality and I need to pay attention more during these movies and use them as a training film for when 45 starts the real purge.

Its really scary to think that the way the US government is going lately they might be getting ideas from these movies and I also have a sad suspicion that when 45 and his nazi buddies are watching these movies they are rooting for the bad guys.

I used to love these movies for exactly what they were absurd, bloody entertainment! But now I feel like I’m watching one long Fox news broadcast.

OK with that out of the way if you like the mindless violence of the Purge movies you will probably like this one too. Its not as polished as some of the previous movies and the budget seemed a bit lower but it was fine for what it is. Its a 1 hour and 45 minute bloodfest that takes a little too long to get to the actual Purge and just like most of the people in the last movies the people here continuously make bad choices to help the purge along.

So to celebrate July 4th go see this movie if you want but just be prepared to purge yourself of rational thinking and good dialogue.




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