The Incredibles 2 was well….INCREDIBLE

The Incredibles 2 was well....INCREDIBLE

If a sequel comes out years after the original it usually does 2 things.

  1. it divides the audience- half will say its not enough like the original and the other half will say its TOO much like the original.
  2.  It will try too hard.

Thankfully Incredibles 2 doesn’t do either of these, it knows where its going and more importantly where its been right from the start, I loved that time had passed , the characters have grown but they all were just themselves, the same family we grew to love all these years.


Also thankfully they focused on making this one about Elastigirl, tha’ts right nerd ragers that hate female leads this movie has one! Sure the whole family is there and they are great(especially Jack-Jack) but this movie gets its heart and its action more from Elastigirl than anyone else.

Its a great superhero movie in a time where people have superhero fatigue and its just a beautiful movie, the period perfect locations, the outfits, everything screams the best of Mid Century Modern and I loved it.





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