Orla Gartland – I Go Crazy

Orla Gartland - I Go Crazy

Orla Gartland’s new single I Go Crazy drops tomorrow and you can listen to it now!

I’ve said it before and I will say it every chance I get , Orla is simply the best, her style, her lyrics, her love for music is infectious and I can’t tell you how many times her music has inspired me or helped through a rough time.

Orla is a fresh voice in a time where every station on the radio plays the same 20 songs and she’s exactly what we need to re-invigorate music right now! So if you haven’t already, please find her on Spotify and follow her there plus get caught up on all things Orla on Youtube (click like and subscribe)

as if that wasn’t enough Orla you can also go to https://www.orlagartland.com/ for all where to find her, how to support her and where to get her merch.






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