PIGGY AND PUG a children’s book by Anne Wheaton

PIGGY AND PUG  a children's book by Anne Wheaton

Anne Wheaton, mother of Ryan and Nolan, has written an incredibly fun kids book titled Piggy and Pug about a little Pug dog who set out on an adventure and met a little pig, who joined him on his journey.

There’s two reasons I am writing about this. 1. Anne Wheaton is an incredibly talented person who has a heart of gold and a compassion for rescuing animals. I share this passion for rescuing animals and the adopt don’t shop philosophy.

And as if I need another reason, 2. we need support the arts. In this current climate I will support any artist that is trying to bring light into this world.  This is a very independent project that Anne wanted to do for years and its inspiring to see someone actually follow through with those little thoughts we all get from time to time.

So please buy this book for you kids, your kids kids, your friends kids, or just for one of those little pop up libraries you see in neighborhoods!


Piggy and Pug a delightful, heartwarming story about the journey that brings together Pug, who’s searching for a new family, and Piggy, who’s searching for a new friend.

Hardcover children’s picture book, 32 pages, 1600 words, 5-8 age range.

Written by Anne Wheaton · Illustrated by Vipin Alex Jacob

available at https://piggyandpug.com/



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