Star Wars The Last Jedi – SPOILER REVIEW

Star Wars The Last Jedi - SPOILER REVIEW

First just let me say I loved the movie for what it was, it wasn’t the Luke Skywalker story I wanted but I love it for the Luke Skywalker I ended up with and that’s fine.

I personally wanted to see a Luke Skywalker being a full fledged Jedi not a grumpy “I don’t wanna be a Jedi” Luke but with that being said I had a great time laughing and crying my way through a VERY Star Wars feeling movie.

Sure it has some bloat to it (the whole side mission to Canto Bight and all of Benicio Del Toro) Canto Bight was done too prequally or more accurately more Fifth Element for my tastes but once it gets focused on the main story again damn was it a fun ride.  There are a ton of easter eggs for the fans and a ton of stuff that can easily be missed the first or second time you watch Last Jedi, so make sure you see it again and again.




Yoda. Finally we get a fun Yoda who is just messing with Luke at every step.

Every nod to the original trilogy

Jumping into hyperspace through the First Order ships …just a brilliant way to go out.

The Praetorian Guards, I loved the old Royal Guards but they never seemed intimidating well all that has changed now, these guys were bad asses.

The humor- Give it a rest haters, I’m glad we got a couple of funny moments to lighten up a relentless chase movie.


Luke’s necklace- it is a red looking kyber crystal that in my mind means Luke dismantled Vader’s lightsaber and that is the perfect thing for Luke to do and hold onto.

a blink and you’ll miss it force grab moment on Canto Bight.


EVERY Mark Hamill scene.EVERY ONE.

Missed Opportunities:

Why couldn’t Lando have been the guy with the red Plumbom ? The Fans would have lost their shit knowing how close we were to getting Lando back in action.

A real not force illusion Jedi Luke, back and stronger than ever ready to take on Kylo Ren (and yes I get the whole you expect me to take a laser sword against the whole First Order? line)

No “I have a bad feeling about this”??? Really? (UPDATE! BB8 says it at the beginning of the film)

BB8’s coin slot shooter was just dumb, why would he have a coin slot shooter apparatus?!? When will that be needed? I love BB8 and BB9E but ground them in reality not in a “they are the Swiss army knives of the Star Wars universe” way.



Ultimately though I loved this movie even with its faults and I love how far Luke and Leia came since Return of the Jedi.

Whats sad for me is that with Luke as a ghost Jedi and Carrie Fisher sadly not with us anymore the next movie will truly be the first of the pass the torch movies. I realize they can have Luke in the next one all force ghost Luke ala Obi Wan but its not the same and except for Anthony Daniels’ voice there are no more original actors/characters left. I know its only because I’m old and stubborn but boy do I miss my old original gang up on the big screen in a galaxy far, far away.





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