Thor Ragnarok and why you should care again.

Thor Ragnarok and why you should care again.

Thor Ragnarok is the perfect comic book movie for people that hate or are sick of comic book movies.

Because at its heart its not just another comic book movie that fill the theatres the entire year. This is a comedy that HAPPENS to have comic book characters in it.

Taika Waititi was the perfect choice to breathe life into this series. Comic book movie fatigue is real and it most definitely happened to me. To be honest I couldn’t really tell you what happened in Thor 2, I’m sure I enjoyed it but it got lost in the shuffle of Marvel movies and sort of faded away. I can tell you that that will not happen with Ragnarok, this movie thankfully re-ignited my love for comic book movies with great inventive characters( just like Guardians of the Galaxy did) and wit that made me love Thor(which I thought was impossible) Before this movie I enjoyed Thor but he wasn’t anywhere near the top of my favorite Marvel characters and after this movie Korg is now one of my favorite Marvel characters!


Marvel giving chances to writers and directors is what is going to keep this franchise going for years to come and they seem smart enough to realize this and utilize it. So no matter how you feel about comic book movies give Thor a chance.




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