Blade Runner 2049- possibly a perfect sequel

Blade Runner 2049- possibly a perfect sequel

I always get leery when they say they are doing a sequel 20+ years after the original, especially when that movie is a classic with a cult following because frankly they rarely get it right. That’s why I was very hesitantly excited when I heard Harrison Ford was coming back for a Blade Runner sequel and it wasn’t really going to be Deckard’s movie.

When I sat down in the movie theater just before the movie started I wondered to myself how long would it take before it seemed like the Blade Runner world Ridley Scott created, would it ever seem like it? Well the first establishing shot put my mind at ease. THIS WAS BLADE RUNNER.

Every piece of the movie, the sets, the costumes, the bleak future and the music all screamed this is the world we loved and this is what happened to the world since we last saw it 30 years ago.

Ryan Gosling’s portrayal of a replicant Blade Runner was fantastic, he was beaten and bloodied, intelligent and flawed just like Ford before him and when we finally get to see were Deckard has been for years it was perfect. This is our beaten Deckard, this is the perfect way to explain away the time and his love.

The entire movie was one beautiful shot after another and I didn’t want it to end(which is saying something for a movie that clocks in over 3 hours) I needed more when it was over and sadly I don’t think we are going to get any more because it isn’t the action movie BS fans wanted.

It isn’t supposed to be an action movie, it stayed true to what it IS suppose to be a cinematic vision of a bleak future that tells a story, and what a story it had to tell.

You can say what you want about how far technology has come in movie making but for me a real environment beautifully shot will always win out over CGI and green screens.

So thank you Denis Villeneuve and everyone involved.



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