Orla Gartland – Lifeline

Orla Gartland - Lifeline

I want to take time out from the horribleness  going on in this world to showcase people that bring happiness, joy, smiles and beautiful music to my life.

So let me introduce you to the incredibly talented Orla Gartland, I have been following her career since the Myspace days and if you haven’t followed her on every social media platform then stop what you’re doing and follow her! (Seriously how have you not discovered her yet!)

She is a beautiful singer/songwriter that blows me away consistently and she is just a sweetheart as well. I can’t wait for the world to find her and she gets the love and fame she so richly deserves.

So please enjoy the latest song from her and if you like this one then just go down a youtube rabbithole of Orla goodness.



From Orla herself:

My previous video/song with Rusty Clanton, ‘just fine’ – https://youtu.be/JMlevgIHDB4Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/orlagartland
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/orlagartland
Insta: @orlagartland

so new music is BEING MADE! (for reals this time), but if you can’t wait, I make and send out home demos like this every month on my Patreon.. check it owt: http://www.patreon.com/orlagartland


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