*GASP* The Doctor is a woman!

*GASP* The Doctor is a woman!

This Sunday  BBC announced who the next Doctor Who would be and it is…. Jodie Whittaker!

Finally! We get a woman Doctor and I can’t wait to see what they do with this!

Cro-magnon idiots living in their parents basements hit the internet hard to tell us all that the Doctor is a man! (*cough* alien) and can’t be a woman (*cough alien with 2 hearts*)

I for one am excited to see how this will mix things up in the for the Doctor and whoever HER next companion is, I only have one little request…

Don’t go heavy-handed with the “I’m a woman now…” bits. OF COURSE throw a few around when the moment presents itself and definitely right after the regeneration but then lay off, we all know she’s a woman. The reason I say this is because we finally got an openly gay full time companion (I don’t count Captain Jack Harkness as a companion) and what did they do just about EVERY episode? They had Bill say she was a lesbian, again and again and again and even when it wasn’t organic to the story AGAIN. We got it! We love it! No need to mention it EVERY episode. I grew to really love Bill for Bill and didn’t need the heavy-handedness, I loved that she was a role model for the LBGTQ community and I loved that she was strong, independent and an amazing companion but I thought it was just over the top.

So I LOVE that Jodie Whittaker is the next Doctor and even though I will desperately miss the brilliant Peter Capaldi, I will open my arms for 13 and support her just as much as I’ve supported every Doctor.





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