Jumanji 2 trailer

Jumanji 2 trailer

I like the idea of returning to the world of Jumanji, going into the jungle that we never saw in the original and seeing what Robin Williams character had to deal with for so many years… but I’m not sure this is the same world.

I thought it was all olde timey jungle like a 40’s safari-type era jungle without motorycles and modern day equipment but I guess I was wrong.

I do love how they managed to figure out a way to get back to the jungle and the game and make it new and I also like how quickly the trailer dealt with all the hate the internet spewed about Karen Gillan’s costume with one line.

Sure I will need more info on who made an 8 bit game that continues the Jumanji curse but I will give this movie a chance.

Especially since everyone has said there will be nods and homages to Robin Williams in it, clues his character left behind to assist this new group of unfortunate game-players.

Please have fun likes the first, please be good and please pay tribute to Robin Williams.