Star Trek Discovery release date

Star Trek Discovery release date

I know what you’re thinking another update on CBS’s Star Trek: Discovery, is it real? Will it air this century?
Well do we have an update for you, it will air and relatively soon.

September 24, 2017 is the big day.
The one-hour premiere will air on CBS at 8:30 pm that night, and Deadline reports that the show’s first and second
episodes will be available to stream on CBS’s digital subscription service, All Access, immediately following the
network premiere.
Then a new episode each week and you’ll have to subscribe to CBS All Access to watch them, since the pilot will be the only episode
airing on the regular CBS television channel.

The season will be in two parts the first eight episodes will be available on Sundays
from September 24 to November 5, and the second batch of seven episodes will begin debuting online sometime in January of 2018.

So there we go, we have a release date and schedule so set your phasers to hopeful this will be good.


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