A touching tribute to Adam West

A touching tribute to Adam West

As the world knows we lost Adam West on June 9th, I didn’t post about it on here because well I was devastated.  He was my Batman, every day growing up I would watch him same bat time same bat channel in re-runs. His portrayal was brilliant, sure it was campy, sure it was shtick but it was entertaining as hell.

Last night Los Angeles City Hall did a touching tribute to Adam West. Burt Ward, Jule Newmar, Ralph Garman, Jim Lee,  Mayor Garcetti,  and Adam’s family were there. A bat signal and bat phone were on the stage and a replica 66 Batmobile was parked nearby thanks to Barris Kustoms.  The Mayor, Police chief, Ralph and Burt Ward spoke about how wonderful Adam West was on-screen and off, how much he gave and cared for humanity and how he was, is, and always will be Batman.

When the Mayor and Police chief lit up the bat signal onto City Hall, the crowd of over 10,000 fans cheered then the most beautiful thing happened, cars on the freeway and nearby streets started honking.  You could hear the honks both near and far, letting LA know that the bat signal had been lit up one last time.

Thank you Los Angeles City Council for letting the fans gather and send off Adam West in true Bat Style. I was glad to have been there to say good-bye.

*photo by Curt Sandvig


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