Weekly Puddles Brilliance

Weekly Puddles Brilliance

This one worried me, it’s a John Lennon/Foo Fighters mash up but I should know by now that Puddles can pull it off. You see John Lennon is my music idol, growing up my older brother listened to The Beatles and John Lennon which meant I did too and I never stopped. John was/is my Beatle, I can tell you where I was when I first heard any song by John Lennon and every year I can honestly say I miss John Lennon more and more. So when I saw the title my first gut instinct was “NOPE!” (I have never liked anybody covering John Lennon songs) but the way this was done put me instantly at ease and I found myself loving yet another Puddles performance.

Called Foo Fighters/John Lennon cover – My Hero/Imagine Shmoosh Up this mash up shouldn’t work, it really shouldn’t but like the title of the this article says every week Puddles is brilliant and has found a way to make this sensational. Thank you Puddles!!!

As always stop reading my crap and watch this:



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