Rey’s “parent” Star Wars theory

Rey's "parent" Star Wars theory

I have been thinking a lot about who Rey’s parents are/is.

Obi Wan was my top choice for awhile but ever since Force Awakens a thought has been nagging at me. If they found Luke’s lightsaber then they probably found Luke’s hand and “they” probably knew it was a Jedi’s hand so they would want to try and clone a Jedi to bring back  then turn them to the dark side.

So my guess is Rey’s parent is technically Anakin but ONLY because she is Luke’s clone.


Now I’m sure you are asking how did she end up on Jakku Curt?!?

Well I will guess that when Maz Kanata got her hands on the Luke’s Light saber that she probably found/saw young Rey and could sense the force within her and stole/bought/smuggled her away and took her to Jakku so she wouldn’t be turned to the dark side.


This also leads credence to bringing balance back to the force.

So what do you think? Is Rey Luke’s clone???

~Hollywookiee’s Curt



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