Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con !!!

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con !!!

Need another reason to go to Vegas besides gambling and buffets? (Its all I do when I go to Vegas)

Well how about the best reason of all to go there? A COMIC CON! The best places on Earth PERIOD.

That’s right, June 23-35th The Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con will be at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Never been to a comic con before? Well you are in for a treat, you can dress up as your favorite whatever and wander the halls being stopped for pix every 5 minutes like me and my friends OR just go in your normal clothes AKA secret identity.  Comic Cons are safe havens for every level of fans to just enjoy the fandoms, meet their celebrity heroes, or just wander.

Here’s my suggestion, get a group of friends, figure out a theme and start shopping on ebay and etsy NOW. A road trip to Vegas is only made better when its the super friends in a car on a road trip to Vegas (Please insert your costume idea over the super friends. I can help with ideas: FireFly, Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Star Trek, DC universe, Marvel Universe, American Gods… see tons of ideas )

I would love to run around Vegas dressed as a Ghostbuster with my friends… screw strip clubs and blowing all of your hard earned money on Craps tables. Just go, have fun, get drunk or not(it’s your vacation!)


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