the bizarre tale of PETSCOP

the bizarre tale of PETSCOP

It starts with PAUL saying ” this is just to prove to you that I’m not lying about the game I found” then the game begins after a little bit things get WEIRD.

According to PAUL the game disc came with a note” I walked downstairs and when I got to the bottom instead of proceeding I turned right and became a shadow monster man”

The same note also had a cheat code and when PAUL enters it we enter “The Newmaker Plane”

A dark seemingly endless hall that leads to a locked door in the middle of nowhere.

the first video is below


The 2nd video  takes us through the door and into a maze which eventually leads to a childs grave then onto a thing called Tool which PAUL asks questions like a Ouji board with a ghost.

Just watch episode 2 below


Episode 3 this one gets real weird real quick… basically it leads us to “NEWMAKER”

A reference to Candace Newmaker( a real person) who was killed in 2000. (You can read all about her online) the game makes several references to Candace’s death “rebirth” newmaker” “Tiara” Basically she was a tragically abused girl that was forced to go through “rebirthing” by her parents and was ultimately smothered in real life and died. Again I have no idea why this games refers to the tragic death of a real girl.

You can watch the rest on your own, if you are into the macabre it will be more spooky than me giving you a play by play and if not well then just stop at the end of this article.

So what the hell is this? Is it clever (if not bad taste) marketing for some new movie? I have no idea. To date 7 videos have been posted and tweets have been tweeted and deleted more and more frequently.

Reddit is all over these videos and even a twitter account and this keeps getting weirder and weirder.



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