a SPOILER FREE review of Guardians of the Galaxy 2

a SPOILER FREE review of Guardians of the Galaxy 2

I hate spoilers. HATE THEM and I love Guardians of the Galaxy as much as I hate spoilers.
In fact I love Guardians of the Galaxy so much that I turned down the press screening so I could make sure my $16 were added to the opening weekend.
I wanted to see it with rabid fans on opening night and laugh, cry and all around love the characters with every other fan and boy did I.

Guardians 2 was beautiful, visually, story and all around. I couldn’t get over just how beautiful a world(worlds) James Gunn has created.
From the second the movie started to the very last frame I lost myself in this world just like I did when I saw Star Wars at age 7.
I can honestly say that James Gunn has created my second favorite franchise after Star Wars (sorry James)

Guardians 2 keeps and adds to these wonderfully complex characters that you fell in love with from the first movie but these characters have grown up(and grown younger in Groots case)
I love that time passes and you know that everyone on the screen has lived, learned and loved or tried to in some cases.

To keep this spoiler free let me just say yes you will still love Groot and Rocket even though their dynamic has changed slightly.
You will still love Drax and all of his absurdness and to make this easier you will love EVERY character from the first film.
In fact you will unexpectedly love Sean Gunn’s Ravager character Kraglin! I did not expect to walk away from this movie loving him so much. If you would have made a bet with me on which character I would love, Kraglin wouldn’t have been high on my list(not that I hated him or anything I was just so glad to see how much they did with him in 2)

And if this weren’t enough reasons to see Guardians 2 then let me tell you will love the new characters as much if not more than the first ones. The extended cast is a delight for hard-core comic fans and just movie-goers in general. The nods to the comics including the cameos were done so perfectly I just smiled and smiled every time and just like the first movie, if you have never read a comic book before in your life you will love this movie just as the story that is so beautifully unfolding before your eyes.
I would LOVE to sit down with James Gunn if for no other reason than to thank him profusely for giving a jaded 45 year old like me a renewed love in movies.

So bottom line if you couldn’t tell I loved Guardian of the Galaxy 2
9 out of 10 stars(let me interview you James and I will tell you why you got the 9 )


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