Agoraphobic Cowboy – why its a must own

Agoraphobic Cowboy - why its a must own

When most people think of Rick Moranis they think of the best acting from the best movies of their childhood, he’s been one of my favorite actors for as long as I can remember but he is also one of my favorite singers. Yes you read that right and I’m not just talking about Little Shop of Horrors.

In 2005 Rick Moranis released Agoraphobic Cowboy, an album that has been on constant rotation in my playlists since.  Rick Moranis wrote the songs and collected a group of accomplished musicians to make this Grammy nominated, Hollywookiee favorite.

I’m not a country music fan in the modern sense of the genre but classic country is still some of the best, hell rockabilly led to Rock N Roll and as far as I’m concerned this is a rockabilly record.

From the first track Nine More Gallons to the ending Bonus track, the lyrics are incredibly witty, intelligent and the tunes are just damn catchy. The band is tight and the music is brilliant.  My personal favorites are Press Pound and I Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere ( his take on an old Hank Snow song “I’ve Benn Everywhere”). In fact every time I put the latter on at a party someone stops me or Shazams it and they always say “Rick Moranis?!?! The actor!?!?” To which I always reply “No. Rick Moranis, the singer.”

Do yourself a favor buy this timeless album and enjoy.


Oh and Rick Moranis if you ever read this, please do a concert or two and please let me interview.


Your fan




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