Agents of Shield – Renewed?

Agents of Shield - Renewed?

Agents of Shield can be a hit or miss per episode show but even the worst Agents of SHIELD episodes deserve our love. They are giving us great Marvel characters week after week and when its good it is reaaaaaally good! The whole cats is phenomenal and once they finally killed Grant Ward and moved on to new bad guys the show kicked into high gear!

I really enjoyed the Ghost Rider beginning of this season and was equally as glad when Ghost Rider went away. The last thing I wanted was Ghost Rider and his Agents of SHIELD, where all the character I grew to love over 3 season were going to be relegated to Ghost Riders sidekicks.

Once Ghost Rider left, things got really interesting too. The framework arc is fantastic and even though they brought back Grant Ward AGAIN( and I promised myself if Grant comes back I will never watch this show again) they did it so well I instantly forgave them and loved the Agents of Hydra story line… But lets get back on topic.

Will Agents of Shield get renewed? I really do hope so but it has hit its 88  episode mark at the end of this season so syndication is basically locked in, the ratings are OK but never stellar, and my prediction is they will end this season with a conclusion type episode instead of a cliff hanger so if they do get cancelled there will be resolution of sorts for the SHIELD gang.

There are 3 episodes left this season, this weeks episode is titled Farewell Cruel World so its pretty much guaranteed they are leaving the framework and returning back to the real world, which leaves us 2 more episodes to either wrap things up or leave us wondering the fate if/when we get a next season.


Just to be clear I want SHIELD to return for a variety of reasons and truly hope they will be back for a season 5 but IF they aren’t back please bring Coulson back to the movie-verse and to the Netflix shows, let Phil Coulson live on as the glue for the Marvel-verse.


Ultimately my prediction (like every year) is Agents of Shield does what it does well, it keeps everyday America connected to the Marvel universe between movies and is tame enough for everyone to enjoy (the older demographic think the Netflix Marvel shows are “just too violent”)

So even if Disney loses money on SHIELD they make enough to keep renewing it and next season they can lead up to a final ultimate conclusion that will please fans. So you hear that Disney/Marvel give us (at least) one more season and do it for the fans!!!!








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