new MST3K review

new MST3K review

Mystery Science Theater 3000 is essential to learning whats funny and whats not.

You have to experience and then quote ad nauseum Monty Python then usually around High School or college you discover MST3K and realize whats funny and whats not funny (most sticoms=not funny)

When they went from Joel to Mike it took me a little time to accept then appreciate him and of course when the mads changed it was awkward at first then again I appreciated the new ones…this leads me to the new MST3K on Netflix with Jonah Ray…it’s going to take me a little time to adjust but I can see myself settling in and enjoying this incarnation as well.

Sure the budget is higher, the FX are better-ish and yes the robots all sound a little different…yes times have changed but ultimately when they settle into their seats and the silhouettes are saying zinger after zinger its apparent this IS MST3K. So do me a favor give it a chance, stop cringing and wishing for what isn’t on screen and enjoy what is and what they did get right. By the end of the first episode I decided I’m allowed to enjoy this and I will.


What else did they get right? Patton Oswalt. Felicia Day was good and I loved Erin Gray and Wil Wheaton but Patton is the perfect TV’s son of TV’s Frank. I have a feeling the scenes in between the movie will live up to the best of the best.

(The They Might Be Giants and Muppets jokes helped) Plus they got Dan Harmon as a writer and he can do no wrong in my mind.





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