Jeff Bridges TCL Chinese Theatre handprint Ceremony

Jeff Bridges TCL Chinese Theatre handprint Ceremony

Actor extraordinaire, his royal Dudeness Jeff Bridges made his “impression in the mud” at the TCL Chinese Theatre (Graumann’s Chinese to you and me) and Jeff did it in his own style. Having won just about every award Hollywood has to offer, the 67 year old finally got to do one of Hollywood’s oldest and best traditions!

Fellow Hell or High Water star Chris Pine introduces Jeff to the stage where Jeff was clearly moved to be there. He told stories of his family going there and looking at the handprints when he was a kid and how all of us humans and aliens alike(his words) are all connected and that all of acting comes from love, on the screen and off the screen from the fans.


Jeff Bridges spent a couple moments thanking everyone that came out and even drew a picture of the Dude(his infamous role in Big Lewbowski) next to his hands and signature.



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