SPOILER FREE Rogue One Review

SPOILER FREE Rogue One Review

There’s one thing that can be said for Hollywookiee.com

I don’t like giving reviews that spoil the movie in any way shape or form, so fear not I will keep this spoiler free and simple.

I loved Rogue One, it feels like the original trilogy, it has enough nods to the originals to keep you happy and even though we all know how the story ends it’s enjoyable and surprising to the very end.


Were there flaws? Sure but I can forgive the flaws because the over-all experience brought me back to when I was a kid in a darkened theatre in Michigan seeing A New Hope, ESB and ROTJ. it just feels like Star Wars and frankly that’s all I can hope for!

Its a great dark Star Wars story that fits in perfectly with the Star Wars saga, so do yourself a favor and stop reading reviews and watching every TV ad, featurette, international trailer and everything else and just go see the movie this week!


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