Alternative (and fun) means of transportation

Alternative (and fun) means of transportation

Lets face it traffic isn’t getting any better anywhere in the world, we have have to figure out better ways to get where we are going and until we all ride in self-driving hovercars we are going to be stuck in traffic jams.


In the past few months we have reached out to the newest and best alternative means of transportation and we will sort of compare them below:


First we need criteria to judge them on, how easy are they to ride, cost, distance, weight, cool factor, recharge time (if applicable).

We wanted something that would take us to the nearest subway station 3 miles away, that we could easily take on the subway, charge at work then get us home quicker than my 7 mile drive to work(7 miles in Los Angeles can take hours)

So lets get comparing!


First up was the hoverboard (avg. price $250) which doesn’t hover and has the potential to burn down your house.  max weight 180lbs.


Is it fun? yeah but it is SLOOOOOW.

Distance- we got an average of 2 miles on a single charge- so it didn’t even get me to the subway station so FAIL.

Coolness factor- FAIL.

Charge time- I was afraid to recharge it so fail!

final score: these are a passing fad that has passed and just doesn’t cut it as an alternative means of transportation.


Razor ES300 Seated scooter- (Avg. price $250) if you read the details on this it sounds like it meets all our criteria! Lets see how it really handles. max weight 200 lbs


is it fun?- surprisingly yes, its quick 12-14 miles per hour on a full charge,  I weigh 155 lbs so I am under the max weight so according to the details it goes 14mph on 45 minute charge. That’s waaay more than my measly 3 mile ride to the subway station.

Distance-  well it isn’t 10 miles I can tell you that the total distance on a single charge was 2.9 miles, the last .5 miles maxed out at 6 mph.  so I am putting this in the fail category.

Weight- this thing weighs in at 50+ lbs so lugging it down and upstairs and over the subway turnstile was a pain in the ass. so fail again

Coolness factor- it looks like I stole some little girls scooter….sooo yeah fail.

Recharge- well it took me less than 40 minutes to drain the battery and 6-8+ hours to recharge!?!? this is the worst fun to recharge ratio out there. What kid will want to ride this on a flat surface(since it can’t do slight hills) for only 45 minutes then sit inside waiting 8 hours to recharge- BIG FAIL.

final result- FAIL. Sure you barely got me to the subway but this just isn’t practical for ANYONE…EVER.

The next up was the airwheel electric unicycle. looks crazy futuristic and fun lets see how it does!


is it fun?- kind of…it difficult to master and once you do master it you can’t relax enough riding it to enjoy your surroundings. I spent all my time looking for potholes, cracks, twigs and anything else that might cause me to fly off the airwheel and severely injure myself.


Distance- 2.6 miles- fail.

Weight – it weighs 20+ lbs so better than a scooter but still uncomfortable to lug around.

Recharge – 2-4 hours max so win!

Coolness factor- it looks but I doubt I look cool riding it.

Final Result- this is the most futuristic looking of our actual test rides but it just isn’t practical either. In fact this and the hoverboard have been declared” illegal to ride on the sidewalks in Los Angeles county”


We have reached out to 2 more alternatives first up is the MOVPAK, I am really eager to test ride this because if it actually lives up to the figures on it’s website this one could be declared the clear winner in alternative transportation. BUT until MOVPAK sends us one or sets up a test ride put this in the “lets wait and see” category.

MOVPAK – (current indigogo price $799, projected price at release $1200)


MOVPAK     Indiegogo

is it fun? it sure looks fun and easy to ride! I don’t care if you’re wearing a business suit or jeans and a T shirt an electric skateboard with its own back pack cruising at 20 mph is cool.

Distance – 14 mile range- again I will believe when i test it, RAZOR swore up and down at least 10 miles and that was a bold lie. But if it does then this one wins in the range department

Weight – 17 lbs. that’s nothing! throw it over your shoulder and its a slightly heavy backpack.- WINNER.


Recharge-  2 hours. -WINNER.

Coolness Factor – Very cool! an electric skateboard with wireless remote that has headlights, can recharge your devices in the the backpack part of it, when the skateboard is collapsed its just a normal looking backpack. It has GPS so if it gets lost or stolen you can track it. You can check data on an app. It honestly seems like they have thought of everything. This might also be the best most functional bug out bag ever designed.

Final Result – The range, the weight, the recharge the ease of use and the coolness factor are all here IF the numbers are true. The only downside is the price point at $799 right now if you order today on its indiegogo page and a projected price of $1200 this is a lot for maybes. $1200 can you get a very reliable scooter(gas or electric) and the range speed and cost are better with a scooter plus it might save you from having to ride the subway and it shouldn’t be too hard to find parking. BUT lets say the scooter option isn’t viable and lets say MOVPAK actually does what it says then this makes $799 a great deal for a great alternative.


The final contender is Modobag –  a carry-on suitcase that you sit on and ride. We sent out requests to test ride their product and we were INSTANTLY shot down.  Assuming it was a customer service agent responding and not someone wanting free press on their new product I will forgive the slightly rude short email responding to our request and try to be fair.

Modobag – (est. price $995)


is it fun? – you will look a little odd riding a carry-on bag down the sidewalk but if you can look past that, this thing looks like fun!

Distance – 6 mile range so it fits our needs.

Weight – 19.5 lbs, still not bad. If you have ever traveled I guarantee your carry on bag was around 25 lbs.

Recharge –  3 hours… so not quite the winner here.

Coolness factor – it can recharge your devices while you ride(at battery expense) it seems like a fun ride but I honestly don’t know how cool I would feel zipping around on a carry-on( this is just ONE reason we want to test this product!) I do love that it has a digital battery capacity gauge so I am not constantly worrying its about to die.

Final Result –  I can’t say this one wins. Its expensive but could be a very good contender IF their numbers are true. I never trust specs because all of the ones we did ride the specs were just wrong. This one could win 2nd place and it could be the next fun alternative but we will have to wait to see! Ultimately NEVER trust specs and if you can find a better one then what we have on here let us know!

We would like to thank all of the companies that have sent us their products and if  MOVPAK or Modobag would like to send us yours to compare please contact us at or find us on twitter Hollywookiee.

Also if any other new means of transportation companies would like us to test yours please get in touch! We will test just about anything if it means we can one day have a traffic-free fun filled day!