Rachel Bloom live at the Largo at the Coronet

Rachel Bloom live at the Largo at the Coronet


When I say Rachel Bloom some people think of her award winning TV show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on the CW (WHICH EVERYONE SHOULD BE WATCHING, NO SERIOUSLY WATCH THIS BRILLIANT SHOW, it’s the best show on TV) or that she is one of People’s most Beautiful People but before all that (well the show anyways, I will assume she’s always been beautiful) she did stand up and wrote and performed hilarious songs on Youtube.
Well Rachel Blooms live show at Largo was all of that and way more.

Her stand up, even when she’s de-railing her own stories, is some of the best stand up you’ll see. She covers EVERYTHING from cum shots to Marilyn Monroe and weaves it all together with songs from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and her Youtube channel days. Songs like(off the top of my head):
Pictures of your Dick
JAP battle
We Don’t Need a Man
Jazz Fever
Sex with a Stranger
I’m a Good Person
Sexy French Depression
Heavy Boobs
You Stupid Bitch
What Would Hashem Do?
A new song about singing in a cave that I loved
Foreskin Angels (I caught a foreskin from the foreskin angel!!!)
Cake Farts( my personal favorite)

hmm sadly that’s all I can remember off the top of my head but holy shit that’s a ton of songs!!!!
These songs alone would  be a hell of a show but she mixed these songs into her stand up and damn if my face wasn’t sore from laughing so hard.

Honestly I can not say enough nice things about her and everyone on the show,  I was fortunate enough to meet  them  that night. Most of the cast, the executive producer, the casting director, her choreographer and writers were all there to support her and genuinely felt like they were one big happy family. I know I’ve said it before but I love it when good things happen to genuinely good people.

Let me pause for a second to say it again, everyone should be watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. This is the type of show that starts fantastic and I truly believe will only get better season after season. It is so important to TV right now because they deal with important issues by making them non- issues. A strong female lead that doesn’t get everything she wants in life (because that’s not what happens in the real world, people have baggage and are imperfect and just trying to figure out how to get through life)
An openly gay character(yep) A bisexual character(yes it’s different from a gay character and equally important) A racially diverse cast that is only racially diverse because the world is diverse!
This show doesn’t hit you over the head with the issues because it’s 2016 and none of these should even be issues! This show is so well written that you laugh through the whole episode and it’s not until the episode is over that you realized they even touched on these issues.
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has real, flawed characters that you love and you hate because they remind you so much of yourself or someone you know and love. Have you ever had a crush on a friend and you had to pretend the whole time that you aren’t dying to just kiss them? I know I have and dammit if this show doesn’t make you think about your life choices while you watch Rebecca fuck up pretty much most of hers.

If you can’t relate to at least one of the songs from the first season then you are a liar! LIAR!
Anyhow please watch the show and if you ever get a chance to see Rachel Bloom live GO!!! and invite me because I am a fan of hers for life and will go see her any chance I can get!


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