Game Of Thrones – The Small Council Live after show

Game Of Thrones - The Small Council Live after show


If you know me then you know I don’t like after shows or re-caps.

99% of them just say what happened in the show without any opinion or commentary, I know what happened in the show I watched it too! So this is why I am fully endorsing The Small Council Game of Thrones After show on’s  Youtube channel.

Starring Ramon Govea, Ginny McQueen and Madie Mae, these three are entertaining and most importantly know what they are talking about!!! They have opinions and knowledge and unlike other live after shows these three are entertaining. They talked about the first episode of season 6 and what we hoped we’d see, what we want to see and what we didn’t see yet. Plus they don’t hold back if they didn’t like something or how much they love and hate certain characters. I am really looking forward to how much these three will gel as the season goes on.


I can’t even imagine how hard it must be to do a live after show especially on a show like GoT where there’s so much to see and so much setting up, how they didn’t get lost on tangents is impressive. I could talk for 30 minutes alone on the necklace and what implications that might have( if you watched the episode you know what I’m talking about)

So do yourself a favor and watch this live after show starting right after the East coast airing, tell your friends and tweet to the Small Council @SmallCouncilGoT and chat with them live on Youtube.









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