Crazy Ex-Girlfriends needs a season 2 (UPDATED!!!)

Crazy Ex-Girlfriends needs a season 2 (UPDATED!!!)



Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is one of the best, most original shows to be on TV in years!
An amazingly talented cast led by Golden Globe winner Rachel Bloom, it deals with diversity and sexuality with grace and has the catchiest/funniest songs that have ever been on TV.
So why aren’t you watching it?
Why doesn’t it have a guaranteed second season?

Lets pause for a second and talk about other shows that were on the bubble of being cancelled that went on to be incredible hits.
Seinfeld, Friends, Parks and Rec… These shows almost didn’t make it. Either the Network Execs hated them or the ratings weren’t stellar yet these shows have gone on to be some of the best TV that ever aired.
Did you watch these shows? Did you honestly watch them from day one? Chances are you didn’t and if you did, most people didn’t. These shows needed time to ramp up, to find their audiences and for their audiences to find them. Can you imagine not having Ron Swanson or Ross and Rachel or Costanza to quote? Well you almost didn’t and if you don’t start watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend you wont have “sexy getting ready song” or a million Darryl quotes that are equally as funny as anything those other shows created.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is on its way to being must see TV, people just have to find it.
Hulu isn’t helping by only having the last 5 episodes of it to view. There is a ton of TV/ pay TV/ Hulu/Netflix originals and amazing shows get lost in the mix and sadly ratings haven’t really caught up to modern day TV. The Nielsen ratings are out-dated as most people just don’t watch live TV anymore. Hell most of my friends save up a few days worth of TV then binge watch it all in one night.

All I am asking is give Crazy Ex Girlfriend a chance to find its audience, critically its a smash hit, the fans that are watching are instant die-hard fans. It has some of the best, most thought invoking writing on television and its hilarious too. This show has the ability to right a lot of what is wrong on TV and does it so well that a lot of “middle America” won’t even realize they are being brought into the 21st century regarding diversity, bisexuality, feminism, and more.  They will just think they are watching a hilarious show with great, well rounded characters because guess what?? They ARE watching a hilarious show with great, well rounded characters! WIN- WIN. It is done so well and is consistently surprising, I never would have guessed that my favorite couple of the first season would be Darryl and white Josh but yet they are. Hell it took them all of two seconds to get over ” why don’t they call you gay Josh instead of white Josh….” BRILLIANT. That’s all it took for them to explain one of their characters is gay and thank you for that.

So if you’re an exec that can make the decision please renew it for a second season and let it have time to grow, if you’re a fan of the show then tweet, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Grindr, blog, do WHATEVER you can to make sure that everyone you’ve ever met will watch it and that the powers that be know you are watching it!

I’ve said this before online but do not let this show become another Arrested Development, a show that the majority of its fans didn’t even watch until after it was cancelled and then they got mad because there weren’t more episodes!
We have a chance to help Crazy ex Girlfriend be what is already is, brilliant TV that will make you laugh and cry and give you songs you will sing all the time. This show needs to be saved before it even technically needs to be saved, its still on the air, it has the critics behind it, the actors are winning awards, so lets get this show a second season so people like me can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the incredibly talented cast, writing staff and crew will have another year to give us the best TV ever.

Please if you do one thing for me ever please just watch an episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and then tell your friends.


Curt Sandvig