X Files returns

X Files returns


X Files is back! Not just the X Files we remember but an X Files for today.

When it went off the air our paranoia was different, simpler. Today’s paranoia is all about the government watching us, monitoring us, preparing us for …something.

FEMA camps, gun control, military exercises on the streets, keeping the poor people fat and stupid. Its almost like Chris Carter has been listening to Art Bell all these years since X Files went off the air. The paranoia is real and X Files is shoving it down our throats at a rapid pace in the season 10 premier.


It starts with Mulder (David Duchovny) giving us a catch up monologue(if you don’t know the basics you should start at the beginning IMHO) from here we catch up on the Scully (Gillian Anderson) and even a couple of other familiar faces.


This is the X Files I needed, tons of info, tons of conspiracy and tons of WTF moments.

Even the newcomers to the series were great (Joel McHale’s whistle blower is a great addition)

Just a small example of how crazily current the new conspiracies are is transcribed below( SPOILERS) this stuff is just like the incredibly wild conspiracies from Art Bell’s show and this is the reason I absolutely LOVED the first episode!

Mulder:The tentacles reach far back into the last century, but it wasn’t until victories in Europe and Japan and the onset of the Cold War that political and economic conditions became perfect for actual execution. A conspiracy bigger and more secret than the Manhattan Project.No sooner had we defeated Germany than a new threat started appearing in skies over America, drawn to Earth by the latest threat to extinction: the H-bomb. Explosions acting as transducers, drawing alien life forms through wormholes in spaceships using electrogravitic propulsion. Advanced extraterrestrial species visiting us, concerned for mankind and the threat of our self-destruction, forestalling our annihilation through their own self-sacrifice.The crashes at Roswell. More importantly, places like Aztec. World leaders signed secret memos directing scientific studies of alien technology and biochemistry. Classified studies were done at military installations S4, Groom Lake, Wright-Patterson and Dulce, extracting alien tissue.Tests were done on unsuspecting human subjects in elaborately staged abductions, in craft using alien technology recovered from the downed saucers… including human hybridization through gene editing and forced implantation of alien embryos…..

Tad: But it’s not hard to imagine… a government hiding, hoarding… alien technology for 70 years, at the expense of human life and the future of the planet. Driven not only by corporate greed, but… a darker objective.

Mulder: The takeover of America.

Tad: And then the world itself, by any means necessary, however violent… or cruel… or efficient. By severe drought brought on by weather wars conducted secretly using aerial contaminants and high-altitude electromagnetic waves, in a state of perpetual war to create problem-reaction- solution scenarios to distract, enrage and enslave American citizens at home with tools like the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act, which abridged the Constitution in the name of national security.

Tad: The militarization of police forces in cities across the U.S. The building of prison camps by the Federal Emergency Management Agency with no stated purpose. The corporate takeover of food and agriculture, pharmaceuticals and health care, even the military, in clandestine agendas, to fatten, dull, sicken and control a populace already consumed by consumerism. (And I encourage you all to go shopping more.)

Tad: A government that taps your phone, collects your data and monitors your whereabouts with impunity. A government preparing to use that data against you when it strikes and the final takeover begins.

Scully: The takeover of America.

Tad: By a well-oiled and well-armed multinational group of elites that will cull, kill and subjugate.

Tad: It’ll probably start on a Friday. The banks will announce a security action necessitating their computers to go offline all weekend.

Mulder: Digital money will disappear.

Sveta: They can just steal your money?

Mulder: Followed by the detonation of strategic electromagnetic pulse bombs to knock out major grids.

Tad: What will seem like an attack on America by terrorists or Russia.

Mulder: Or a simulated alien invasion using alien replica vehicles that exist and are already in use.

Scully: An alien invasion of the U.S. Mulder:

The Russians tried it in ’47.

Trust No one but Chris Carter to make us all paranoid again.


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