Hollywookiee remembers…

Hollywookiee remembers...


The memorial page has gotten too long for my liking.

David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Lemmy, Michael Gross… the list keeps growing.

Dear Cancer, fuck you. You have taken my friends, family and heroes too soon.

David Bowie was always in my life, I can’t remember a time where he wasn’t reinventing himself and shocking the world with his amazing sound. He came into my life a mystery artist and his death was equally a mystery. Lazarus is an amazing goodbye and as a fan I thank you for that.

Alan Rickman you are Hans Gruber. You are Snape. You took roles and didn’t just play them you OWNED them. Every subtle detail was incredible. Every word was so carefully thought out and crafted that you BECAME the character. I can’t even think about Snape without picturing you so perfectly playing Snape on every level and Snapes heartbreaking death scene.

Lemmy you are Rock N Roll. I met you at the Whiskey and it was instantly classic Hollywood rock God.

Michael Gross…I said my goodbyes to you before but I included you on this list because you deserve to be on it. You sir told me the most amazing stories and I will forever regret not asking you to tell more. Your talent was incredible, your fake it til you make it attitude that allowed you to do so much for Hollywood is inspiring. Everytime I get asked if I can do something I think of your words and say yes and never let them see me panic. Ghostbusters would not have been Ghostbusters without you, no one can think of Ghostbusters without thinking of your no ghost logo.

So gentlemen thank you for all you did. Thank you for all the hundreds of hours of entertainment you gave me. Thank you for your art, your souls and your words.



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