The brilliance of Crazy Ex- Girlfriend

The brilliance of Crazy Ex- Girlfriend


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Season 1 Returns. Monday, January 25. WB) is the best new show on TV. Seriously. BEST.SHOW.

Lets go down the checklist:

New idea/concept-check.


completely unpredictable- check

great ensemble- check

I could keep going and going but who wants to read a checklist? I got bored just doing it. Look, do yourself a favor and binge watch all of the episodes of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend right now! No seriously, right now! Quit your job if you have to, it’s that good!

Rachel Bloom- Creator/star is such a beautiful and amazing talent, her comedic timing is the best i’ve seen and her songs are the best, most hilarious earworms since Flight of the Conchords. I cannot hear the words “West Covina” without singing it and since I can’t pick just one favorite song here are a few for you:


Look I could make the rest of the article just links to the songs but you NEED to see the episodes that these come from THEN once you’ve binge watched the show 3 or 4 times go to Rachel Blooms Youtube channel

and watch everything shes ever done….(cake farts…seriously I was crying from laughter at work to this one)

Thank you to the brilliantly talented cast and writers for this show!!! I cannot wait for this show to come back!!!!



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